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What Is a Hernia?

Find out if a hernia could be to blame for your abdominal pain. 

Noticing a bulge or lump in your groin or stomach? Do you notice that the bulge becomes more prominent after a bowel movement or exercise? If so, you could be dealing with a hernia. If you suspect that you might have a hernia, it’s important that you turn to our DFW area board-certified surgeon Dr. Chukwuma Apakama for an evaluation.

What is a hernia? 

A hernia occurs when there is a tear or weakening of certain muscles or tissue, which allows organs or tissue to bulge through. Some of the most common types of hernias are an inguinal hernia (groin) and a hiatal hernia (impacts the upper stomach). With an inguinal hernia, either part of the intestines or bladder pushes through the abdominal wall while a hiatal hernia occurs when part of the stomach pushes through an opening in the diaphragm (known as the hiatus).

What causes hernias? 

If the muscle or tissue in the groin or stomach is weak, this can increase the likelihood of a hernia. A hernia often develops when there is a lot of pressure being placed on the abdomen. The most common causes include:

  • Heavy lifting and exercise
  • Persistent coughing
  • Chronic constipation
  • Straining
  • Obesity
  • Childbirth

What are the warning signs of a hernia? 

Depending on where the hernia is located, you may notice a lump or bulge in the stomach or groin that you can push back in. Other symptoms include pain with certain movements, a burning sensation, or swelling.

How is a hernia treated? 

If you are experiencing symptoms of a hernia it’s a good idea to schedule a consultation with our DFW area surgeon to find out whether you are dealing with a hernia and how to treat it. We are able to treat both abdominal and inguinal hernias through minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. Surgery is most often recommended in the cases of both inguinal and abdominal hernias. Most patients make a full recovery from laparoscopic hernia surgery in about two weeks.

If you are concerned that you might be dealing with a hernia, our DFW area surgeon Dr. Apakama and the team at CGA Weight Loss and Surgical Specialists can give you the answers you’re looking for with regards to a hernia diagnosis and treatment plans. To schedule an evaluation, simply call (214) 440-1245 today.

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